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Quality Policy
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Corporate Governance Statement
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Code of Conduct
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Show determination to take the right action to achieve sustained results
Demonstrate the courage to commit and follow through, no matter the situation

High Performing

Commit to defining and achieving ambitious goals
Drive continuous improvement and embrace change
Encourage our colleagues and teams to achieve their full potential

Customer Driven

Engage with target customers to build long-term relationships that will develop and enhance brand loyalty
Exceed customers’ and internal stakeholders’ expectations today and into the future with innovative and focused solutions

Openness & Integrity

Respect others’ views and willingly consider new ideas
Treat others with dignity
Speak and act honestly and ethically at all times
Provide and receive open and constructive feedback regularly

The Board of Codan strongly advocates good corporate governance. The Board is committed to fulfilling its corporate governance obligations and responsibilities in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders.

You can access key corporate governance documents by clicking on the following links: