The financial information shown in the table reflects the underlying business performance before asset impairment, integration and restructuring expenses.

REVENUE 2021 % SALES 2020 % SALES 2019 % SALES
Communications $95.5m 22% $104.0m 30% $77.6m 29%
Metal Detection $326.5m 75% $236.4m 68% $182.1m 67%
Tracking Solutions $15.0m 3% $7.6m 2% $11.1m 4%
Total Revenue $437.0m 100% $348.0m 100% $270.8m 100%
EBITDA $158.8m 36% $117.8m 34% $78.6m 29%
EBIT $139.8m 32% $89.6m 26% $63.4m 23%
Interest ($1.1m) ($0.6m) ($0.1m)
Net Profit Before Tax $138.7m 32% $89.0m 26% $63.3m 23%
Tax ($41.4m) ($25.0m) ($17.6m)
Underlying Net Profit After Tax $97.3m
Statutory Net Profit After Tax $90.2m 21% $64.0m 18% $45.7m 17%
Statutory earnings per share 50.1c 35.5c 25.3c
Ordinary dividend per share 27.0c 18.5c 9.0c
Special dividend per share 5.0c

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