Codan’s Code of Conduct

Codan Group (the Company / Codan) is committed to conducting its business in an honest, ethical and accountable way and in accordance with its core values. At all times during their employment, employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Company’s core values.

The Code of Conduct has been established to provide a framework around the conduct and behavioural expectations of the Company’s employees.

Within this Code of Conduct, the reference to employees applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers and other individuals who are engaged for their services or the provision of services to Codan globally.

The Code sets out the expected and acceptable standards of behaviour that are aligned with the Company’s core values, and which allow us to work together to achieve the goals of the business.

Employees are expected to recognise that they are the public face of the Company, and the Company’s reputation can be impacted by an Employee’s conduct and actions.

All employees of the Company are required to familiarise themselves with, and comply with the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually to:

  • Ensure the Code remains effective and appropriate for Codan’s business operations; and
  • Determine if any changes are required to the Code.

The board is informed of any material breaches of the code of conduct.

1. Safety

The Company maintains a safe and healthy work environment.

All Employees are required to comply with their obligations under applicable work health and safety legislation.

All Employees must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the workplace remains safe and healthy, and to minimise the risk of harm to colleagues and others in the workplace.

2. People

The Company values and maintains professionalism.

All Employees are expected to respect each other and Company stakeholders, regardless of position or individual differences and without discrimination, workplace bullying, and harassment.

The Company expects Employees, as its representatives, to behave in a way that upholds Codan’s core purpose and values and maintain Codan’s good reputation.

The Company encourages cooperation, learning and growth for all who work with it.

The Company maintains appropriate confidentiality and employees must at all times ensure the appropriate handling of confidential information.

3. Use of Company Resources

The Company uses company property and equipment responsibly and for the right purpose.

The Company uses company funds for the right reasons.

The Company fulfils its responsibilities to shareholders by delivering shareholder value.

Employees must at all times use the Company resources in a proper manner, and for a proper purpose.

4. Operate Within the Law

The Company respects the laws, customs and business practices of the countries in which it operates, but does not compromise the principles embodied in this Code.

Employees must at all times act in accordance with any legislation applicable to their position.

When required to travel or represent the Company overseas, Employees are required to comply with the laws of that country.

Upon becoming aware of or concerned about a potential breach of the law by the Company, or an employee, the Employee must immediately raise that concern with a manager.

5. Ethics

The Company is fair and honest in its dealings and does not tolerate dishonest behaviour.

Employees must act with dignity and integrity at all times, and not engage in conduct which could bring the Company into disrepute.

Employees must treat each other fairly, with respect and courtesy, and not engage in any behaviour that is discriminatory, harassing or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate.

The Company communicates openly and honestly, not using coercive or misleading practices, or falsifying or wrongfully withholding information.

Employees must not place themselves in situations in which their private interests could conflict directly or indirectly with their obligations to the Company.

Employees must not accept any gift or benefit that might compromise or influence their business judgement.

The Company and its employees must not act in ways which may cause others to question its loyalty.

The Company is consistent and fair in the way it applies its practices and policies.

The Company accesses confidential information only for authorised work-related requirements.

Employees must not make improper use of information to obtain a benefit or advantage for themselves or any other person.

6. Protect the Environment

The Company respects and protects the environment.

The Company is sensitive to the environmental impact of what it does.

The Company ensures all permits and licences are obtained and adhered to.

Employees are required to perform their duties in a manner that at all times respects and protects the environment.

7. Customer Service

The Company strives to understand and respond to the needs of customers and other stakeholders.

The Company values its people and their personal commitment to delivering quality products and services.

All Employees of the Company are required to at all times act in a manner that upholds the Company’s approach to customer service.