Codan’s Code of Conduct 2017-05-29T10:30:47+10:00

Codan’s Code of Conduct

The Codan group Code of Conduct has been established to provide a framework around the conduct required of our employees.

The code provides guidance around expected and acceptable standards of behaviour that are aligned with our core values, and which allow us to work together to achieve the goals of the business.


  • We maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


  • We value and maintain professionalism.
  • We respect each other and our stakeholders, regardless of position or individual differences and without discrimination, workplace bullying, and harassment.
  • We behave in a way that upholds Codan’s core purpose and values maintaining Codan’s good reputation.
  • We encourage cooperation, learning and growth in all who work with us.
  • We maintain appropriate confidentiality.

Use of Company Resources

  • We use company property and equipment responsibly and for the right purpose.
  • We use company funds for the right reasons.
  • We fulfill our responsibilities to shareholders by delivering shareholder value.

Operate Within the Law

  • We respect the laws, customs and business practices of the countries in which we operate, but do not compromise the principles embodied in this Code.
  • We notify management immediately of any breach of the law.


  • We are fair and honest in our dealings and do not tolerate dishonest behaviour.
  • We act with dignity and integrity at all times.
  • We communicate openly and honestly, not using coercive or misleading practices or falsifying or wrongfully withholding information.
  • We do not place ourselves in situations in which our private interests could conflict directly or indirectly with our obligations to Codan.
  • We do not accept any gift or benefit that might compromise or influence our business judgement.
  • We do not act in ways which may cause others to question our loyalty.
  • We are consistent and fair in the way we apply our practices and policies.
  • We access confidential information only for authorised work-related requirements.

Protect the Environment

  • We respect and protect the environment.
  • We are sensitive to the environmental impact of what we do.
  • We ensure all permits and licences are obtained and adhered to.

Customer Service

  • We strive to understand and respond to the needs of customers and other stakeholders.
  • We value our people and their personal commitment to delivering quality products and services.