Show determination to take the right action to achieve sustained results
Demonstrate the courage to commit and follow through, no matter the situation

High Performing

Commit to defining and achieving ambitious goals
Drive continuous improvement and embrace change
Encourage our colleagues and teams to achieve their full potential

Customer Driven

Engage with target customers to build long-term relationships that will develop and enhance brand loyalty
Exceed customers’ and internal stakeholders’ expectations today and into the future with innovative and focused solutions

Openness & Integrity

Respect others’ views and willingly consider new ideas
Treat others with dignity
Speak and act honestly and ethically at all times
Provide and receive open and constructive feedback regularly

At Codan we develop technology to solve communications, safety, security and productivity problems in the harshest environments on earth.

Founded in 1959 and headquartered in South Australia, Codan has a global footprint with offices in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore, the UAE, UK and USA.

Our customers include the world’s largest aid and humanitarian organisations, security and military groups, mining companies and governments.

Our products are sold in more than 150 countries, with a global network of dealers, distributors and agents that allow us to deliver our solutions anywhere in the world, whenever our customers need them.

We’re proud to be a company that continually challenges the status quo. Our values and culture drive an environment of constant innovation, creating long-term shareholder value and allowing us to deliver innovation to customers, wherever they are.

If you share our values then I invite you to join us as we continue to drive technology into the future.


Our History

Codan was founded by university friends Alastair Wood, Ian Wall and Jim Bettison in 1959 when they established EILCO — the Electronics, Instrument and Lighting Company — to tackle a range of challenges in electronics engineering. The company later became Codan.

Over the decades, we have made a name for ourselves in quality and innovation. In 1980, our equipment was chosen by the United Nations to support their relief efforts in Uganda, cementing us as the leading global supplier of High Frequency communications to humanitarian organisations.

Publicly floated in 2003, Codan acquired Minelab Electronics in 2008, the supplier of world’s best hand held metal detection technology.

This highly successful acquisition was followed by the additions of Minetec and Daniels Electronics to the Codan Group in 2012, cementing our world-class product offerings in Radio Communications, Metal Detection and Tracking Solutions.

Today we are an international company that develops rugged and reliable electronics solutions for government, corporate, NGO and consumer markets across the globe.