We provide technology that has your back in the harshest environments on earth. Whether it’s for communications, safety, security or productivity, we’re relied upon by humanitarian organisations, mining companies, security and military groups, governments and adventurers in every corner of the globe.

The world’s most reliable communications.

When it’s mission critical, every second counts, or lives are at risk, you need a communications platform that’s dependable, clear and secure. Our long-range digital radio, land mobile radio and tactical radio solutions have the design, durability and ruggedness to keep you connected, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.


Metal detectors for every application – from treasure hunting to gold and mine detection.

Whether you’re on an outdoor adventure, an artisanal miner looking for gold or a humanitarian organisation clearing land mines in the world’s most challenging environments, our metal detectors give you the range, depth and reliability you need to change your fortune.