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Show determination to take the right action to achieve sustained results Demonstrate the courage to commit and follow through, no matter the situation

High Performing

Commit to defining and achieving ambitious goals Drive continuous improvement and embrace change Encourage our colleagues and teams to achieve their full potential

Customer Driven

Engage with target customers to build long-term relationships that will develop and enhance brand loyalty Exceed customers’ and internal stakeholders’ expectations today and into the future with innovative and focused solutions

Openness & Integrity

Respect others’ views and willingly consider new ideas Treat others with dignity Speak and act honestly and ethically at all times Provide and receive open and constructive feedback regularly

Clever People Making Clever Products

One of the keys to our success and the ongoing achievement of our business strategy is maintaining a broad team of research, engineering, technical and professional staff. We employ approximately 400 people across the globe who have collective experience in the design, manufacture and global marketing of electronics products.
A significant proportion of our multi-disciplinary teams are tertiary qualified in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Maths and Sciences, Business and Economics, Finance and Accounting, and Human Resources Management.
The Codan group welcomes individuals who have the skills, knowledge and experience to help us achieve our core purpose of the design, development and manufacture of innovative technology solutions. We seek dynamic, innovative and collaborative individuals who are committed to achieving our goals and most importantly, our core values of can-do, high performing, customer driven and openness and integrity.

Clever People, Enriched Careers

If you are looking for challenging, fulfilling and diverse work that benefits the global community, you should explore the possibilities of a career with us.
For over 50 years, the Codan group has worked to build and maintain a deeply embedded culture of innovation and commitment to quality, service and value. Built on Our Values, our culture is driven by strong leadership, a focus on high performance and continuous learning and improvement.
Our commitment to achieving a diverse mix of employees, by way of gender, age, ethnicity and cultural background, will ensure that we benefit from a wider range of talent, experience, skills, perspectives and approaches that in turn maximise our opportunity to not only achieve, but exceed our strategic objectives. We nurture a positive and inclusive work environment with demonstrated values of genuine honesty, integrity and respect.
Our diverse and wide-ranging mix of products, customers and locations enables us to extend this diversity to the types of exciting positions we have across the following areas:
• Engineering and Technology
• Research and Development
• Business Development
• Sales and Marketing
• General Management

A complete list of our current career opportunities can be found here.
We offer genuine opportunities for you to develop and broaden your career and take pride in the large number of our people that we have developed and internally promoted, including our very own CEO & MD, Donald McGurk. We offer challenging and dynamic positions and allow you to take total ownership of your own role. We provide a supportive, positive team environment underpinned by a strong values-based culture, together with competitive remuneration packages, on-the-job training, external training programs, tertiary education assistance and flexible working hours.